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CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI., U.S.A., September 26, 2011: Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (EDI) is relocating its entire flat die remanufacturing operation in Chippewa Falls to a larger facility that will be dedicated solely to die rework, spare parts fabrication, and other aftermarket services, the company announced today.

The move is part of an ongoing lean manufacturing initiative at EDI. It will increase productivity for customers by reducing the time needed by EDI to work on dies that have been sent for cleaning, resurfacing, repairs, refurbishment, or system enhancements, such as upgrading from a manual to an automatic die, according to Kelly Harings-Mrozinski, director of marketing.

"By establishing a facility organized solely around remanufacturing, EDI will ensure that every die sent to us for rework spends less time in our plant and more back where it belongs, generating saleable product for the customer," said Harings-Mrozinski.

Until now, rework at Chippewa Falls has taken place in the same world headquarters plant where EDI builds new dies. By October, EDI will have completed relocating machining and finishing equipment for rework, along with a staff of 20-plus engineers, machinists, and technicians, to a new 12,800 sq.ft. (1,190 sq.m) Aftermarket Services facility housed in a separate area of the company's Technology Center, not far from the headquarters site. The move will free up additional space for the company's rapidly growing new-die business, according to Scott G.
Smith, global aftermarket manager.

Besides reworking flat dies, EDI will use the Aftermarket Services Center to continue providing rework of blown film dies and resurfacing of worn or damaged rubber rolls used in film and coating processes.

The relocation will enable EDI to increase its aftermarket business substantially within as little as a year, noted Smith. "The larger space and added efficiency soon to be available will enable us to grow what is already a sizeable rework business," he said. "And while we intend to start operating the Aftermarket Services facility on a five-day / 24-hour basis, we're prepared to expand to seven days as demand warrants."

Rework plays a critical role in the working life of a flat die, enabling the extrusion processor or converter to maintain high levels of productivity, minimize downtime for maintenance, prevent product defects, and in some cases even add new product capabilities not incorporated when the die was new. In addition to the operation at Chippewa Falls, EDI operates fully equipped rework facilities in Germany and China and licenses its rework technology for a plant in Japan operated by Kodama Chemical Industry Company, Ltd. Besides remanufacturing EDI dies, EDI can apply its proprietary technology to dies built by other suppliers and even provide spare parts for them. In addition, EDI offers expedited service for urgent customer needs and can make small or temporary repairs at the customer's plant.

More information on EDI rework is available at


EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES, LLC is a leading international supplier of flat dies for sheet, film, extrusion coating, fluid coating, and pelletizing. The company designs and manufactures dies, feedblocks, deckling systems, vacuum boxes, and related equipment. Its subsidiaries include EDI GmbH in Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, and EDI China in Shanghai. In the U.S.A., Germany, and China, EDI operates facilities dedicated to reworking its own dies and those built by other suppliers, and it has licensed a fourth rework facility in Japan. Headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A., EDI is focused on supplying the global market. Email: Visit