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Visitor Delegations Organized in Mexico Will Make Attendance Easy and Productive

MEXICO CITY, October 4, 2011: An unprecedented number of professionals from Mexico¡¯s booming plastics industry are expected to attend next year¡¯s NPE2012 international exposition in search of ways to increase profitability and develop new business, it was announced at Plastimagen 2011 by SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association (Stand 2618).

SPI produces the triennial NPE. Scheduled for April 1-5, 2012, NPE2012 will take place for the first time in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., after 40 years in Chicago.

¡°Our new venue in Orlando makes NPE substantially more accessible to attendees from Latin America in terms of travel time and cost and is especially advantageous for those coming from Mexico,¡± said Gene Sanders, SPI¡¯s senior vice president of trade shows and conferences. ¡°At past NPEs, visitors from this country have been by far the largest group of Latin American attendees at NPE, and we feel certain that at NPE2012 the number of Mexican participants will set a new record.¡±

While trade between the U.S. and Mexico is at an all-time high, business opportunities for plastics processors in Mexico also include a growing domestic market for consumer products and packaging and new export markets in Asia and elsewhere.

¡°To the small- and medium-sized processors that are the backbone of the fast-growing Mexican plastics industry, NPE2012 will offer the Western Hemisphere¡¯s largest showcase of technology innovations that can strengthen competitiveness by increasing productivity, creating new product values, or expanding profit margins,¡± said Sanders. ¡°NPE2012 will also provide opportunities for contact with American firms from every sector of the industry and with hundreds of other companies from around the world.¡±

Delegations Will Play an Important Role in Helping Mexicans to Attend NPE2012

To help plastics professionals take advantage of NPE2012, the U.S. government will organize delegations of Mexican visitors to NPE2012, as will Mexican commercial development agencies. ¡°Such programs can make attendance at NPE2012 easier and more productive, especially for the first-time visitor,¡± said Mario Vidaña, trade specialist for the U.S. Commercial Service at the American consulate in Monterrey. ¡°Delegations can provide discounts on registration fees, group travel plans, guidance in obtaining visas, interpreters, appointments with prospective suppliers or business contacts, and meeting rooms at the show.¡±

The U.S. Commercial Service has offices at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and at consulates in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Specialists at all four offices will cooperate in recruiting and organizing a delegation to NPE2012.

Online registration to take part in the delegation is available online via a Spanish-language site at Alternatively, interested participants can contact these Commercial Service specialists: Monica Martinez (in Mexico City;, Monica Rosas (Tijuana;, Juan Herrera (Guadalajara;, and Mario Vidaña (Monterrey; mario.vidana@)

Citizens of Mexico require a visa to enter the United States. SPI advises prospective NPE2012 attendees to begin the process of applying for a visa well in advance of the show. The process can take anywhere from one to three months and sometimes longer. It involves 1) making an appointment for an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in Mexico; 2) submitting an application, passport, and supporting documents at the interview; and 3) allowing for a period of time after the interview for the application to be reviewed and processed. One of the required documents is an official letter of invitation to attend NPE2012 from SPI, which can be requested as part of registering in advance for the event. Online registration to attend NPE2012 is available at

Advantages of Orlando Location for NPE2012 Visitors
In comparison with Chicago¡¯s McCormick Place, where NPE has been held since 1971, the new venue at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando will provide these opportunities:

¡Ü Lower costs. A systematic comparison by SPI has indicated that the move to Orlando makes possible average visitor savings of 11% on travel and 23% on food and lodging.

¡Ü More exciting show, with more equipment running. Companies that have signed on to exhibit at NPE2012 report that the substantially lower costs of exhibiting at the OCCC, simpler labor rules, and more flexible logistics for setting up and maintaining booths have encouraged them to take more space than at NPE2009 and to plan on bringing more machinery and other products to the show. This will result in a more dynamic experience for attendees, with bigger and better exhibits and more machinery in full-scale operation.

¡Ü New travel opportunities. In addition to lower travel costs, Orlando is more easily accessible to travelers from Latin America. And because Orlando is one of the world¡¯s most popular destinations for tourism and vacations, it gives attendees the opportunity to take advantage of business travel by adding extra time for personal or family enjoyment.

World-Scale Trade Show Plus Leading Plastics Conferences

NPE2012 will be the most broad-based plastics event of any kind in the world, with multiple educational programs, specialty pavilions, displays, and keynote events, in addition to the traditional core event, the NPE trade show.

The show will be the largest plastics exposition in the Western Hemisphere, providing access to North America¡¯s $450-billion/year plastics marketplace and serving as a hub of trade for plastics companies from South America, Europe, and Asia. Exhibiting companies will include: 1) hundreds of firms coming directly from outside the U.S.; 2) the major multinational suppliers of plastics equipment and materials, both U.S.-based companies and U.S. subsidiaries of companies based elsewhere; and 3) the largest number of U.S. domestic suppliers of plastics technologies to exhibit at any plastics event anywhere.

Three important events to be co-located with the NPE trade show are:

¡Ü ANTEC¢ç 2012. The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) will produce the 2012 edition of its annual technical conference on April 1-5, 2012 at the OCCC. ANTEC is the world¡¯s largest plastics technical conference. The recent 201l edition of this annual event provided attendees from 40 countries with access to more than 600 original, peer-reviewed technical presentations covering every sector of the plastics industry.

¡Ü Spanish-Language Technical Conference. In an agreement with SPI, Publicar-B2Bportales, a media partner of NPE2012, will organize an educational program conducted in Spanish. Taking place during NPE2012, it will be the third such program organized by the company at NPE. Publicar-B2Bportales publishes Tecnologia del Plastico, Conversión, and El Empaque magazines.

¡Ü SPI¡¯s ¡®Business of Plastics¡¯ conference. This large educational program will begin with a keynote presentation on Sunday, April 1 and be followed by half-day sessions on Monday through Thursday. Presenters will focus on the business implications of their topics rather than conducting a technical discussion. SPI is planning for presentations on timely topics of broad interest to plastics professionals, such as bioplastics, sustainability, medical and healthcare markets, and issues involving regulation, safety, or industry advocacy.

NPE2012 will also feature special programs, such as these three:

¡Ü 2nd International Plastics Design Competition. Open to entrants from all nations, the competition will showcase innovative applications by designers and processors serving appliance, automotive, medical device, packaging, and other consumer and industrial markets.

¡Ü ¡®Plastics in Sports.¡¯ At five locations around the show, special display and interactive demonstration areas will be set up to highlight the contribution of plastics to making sports safer and more enjoyable and the equipment more durable and functional. Each location will focus on one of these aspects: Contact Sports; Golf; Playing Surfaces; Sportswear; and Active Sports. Open to all NPE2012 visitors, the demonstration areas will present the design, processing, raw materials, machinery, and tooling used to accomplish innovations in sporting goods and facilities.

¡Ü On-Site Scrap Reclaim Program and PET Recycling Exhibit . Since most of the equipment companies exhibiting at NPE2012 will be operating machinery during the show, SPI has organized a program to collect the processed goods and scrap generated, along with post-consumer waste left by participants. These materials will be sorted and transported to recycling facilities. Displays and theater presentations will feature products made from reclaimed plastics. PET bottles used at the show will be collected and fed into a granulator for delivery to recycling centers. Products made from PET flakes will be on display, including food packaging, building materials, and clothing.


The NPE2012 international plastics exposition will take place Sunday through Thursday, April 1-5, 2012, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The NPE2012 educational program will begin on Sunday. Monday will be the first day of the four-day trade show. NPE is produced by the SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association. Visit

Founded in 1937, SPI is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States. SPI's member companies represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw materials suppliers. The U.S. plastics industry employs 1.1 million workers and provides nearly $379 billion in annual shipments.