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NEWTOWN, CT, U.S.A., February 4, 2013: Plenary speeches by four industry leaders at the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) ANTEC® 2013 will address new technical and business developments with great potential for benefiting plastics, SPE announced today.

ANTEC 2013 will take place April 22-24, 2013 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. Plenary sessions will take place on each day of the conference:

-- Monday April 22, 11:15 am -12:30 pm: Fractal Structuring in Polymer Processing, by Dr. Han Meijer. The technology for creating large internal surfaces by means of fractal structuring during polymer processing—even in techniques like injection molding—can enhance performance in such high-end applications as photovoltaics and membranes for fuel cells or gas separation. Dr. Meijer is professor of polymer technology at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

-- Monday April 22, 5:30 - 6:15 pm: New Polymer Materials Developed in SINOPEC, by Dr. Jinliang Qiao. Developments include new polyolefins, nano-composites, and conductive composites. The address will cover both fundamental research and commercial materials. Dr. Qiao is vice president of the SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of the Chemical Industry.

-- Tuesday April 23, 11:15 am -12:15 pm: Abundant U.S. Shale Gas Supplies Are Revitalizing the Plastics Industry, by Dwight N. Tozer. The enormous increase in domestic natural gas production is spurring a manufacturing renaissance in the U.S., particularly for the chemical and plastics industries. The shale gas advantages include lower energy costs, greater supply security, new job creation, and enhanced global competitiveness. Mr. Tozer is vice president of the Adhesion Industry Business of ExxonMobil Chemical Company.

-- Wednesday April 24, 11:15 am – 12:15 pm: Driving Innovation in the Wire and Cable Industry, by Gregory J. Lampert. The presentation will provide a wire and cable industry overview and then discuss key market trends, General Cable’s approach to innovation, development of “green” products, and the growth of the renewable energy market for wire and cable. Mr. Lampert is president and CEO of General Cable and is head of operations in the Americas.

Speaker biographies are posted at Information on ANTEC 2013 programs and registration fees is available at Prospective attendees can also contact SPE by email at, telephone at 1-203-740-5403, and fax at 1-203-775-8490.


The annual ANTEC is the world’s largest plastics technical conference, consisting entirely of original, peer-reviewed presentations on a variety of topics relevant to today’s global plastics industry. Co-located with ANTEC 2013 will be the “Business of Plastics Conference,” produced by SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and focusing on current issues affecting business strategy. In addition, SPE will produce a trade show that is expected to be the largest plastics exhibition of the year in the U.S.

THE SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS (SPE) is the premier source of peer-reviewed technical information for plastics professionals. Founded in 1942, SPE takes action every day to help companies in the plastics industry succeed by spreading knowledge, strengthening skills, and promoting plastics. Employing these vital strategies, SPE has helped the plastics industry thrive for over 70 years. SPE has become the recognized medium of communication among scientists, engineers, and technical personnel engaged in the development, conversion, and application of plastics. For more information, please visit