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Expansion of Former Verbruggen Facility in Belgium and Integration with U.S.-Based Nordson EDI Enables the Company to Help Customers Save on Lead Times and Costs

TEMSE, BELGIUM, July 16, 2013: Making its debut at K 2013 under a new name, Nordson EDI Europe N.V. will introduce an expanded product and service portfolio to European customers, including dies of both U.S. and European design and increased technical, spare parts, and rework services, the company announced today. Its K exhibit will be in Hall 02, Stand G06.

This strengthening of Nordson EDI Europe’s capabilities centers on a state of the art facility in Temse that until recently was operated by die builder Verbruggen. One year after acquiring Verbruggen in 2011, Nordson Corporation purchased EDI—now Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC. Since then the Verbruggen business has become part of the Nordson EDI brand, with the official change of name to Nordson EDI Europe N.V. taking place only last month. In addition to building new dies at the Temse facility, the company now commissions all European remanufacturing projects there.

“The advanced equipment and experienced staff at Temse enable Nordson EDI Europe to build a full range of dies for the European market, including product series originally developed by Verbruggen in Europe and by Nordson EDI in the U.S.,” said Andrei Stapinoiu, managing director of Nordson EDI Europe. “For customers that order die systems based on U.S. designs, local manufacture enables them to avoid the shipping costs, duties, and lead times associated with sourcing dies from the U.S.A.”

Rework customers will benefit as well, according to Luc Verstraeten, head of customer service and aftermarket support. “The extensive capabilities at Temse enable customers to have dies refurbished or even upgraded at a local service center, saving time and money,” he said.

An example of how capabilities at Temse can save time for customers involves the chrome plating operation located at the plant. “Reworking dies typically requires stripping and re-applying chrome plating,” said Mr. Verstraeten. “Our ability to do this on-site enhances quality control and reduces customers’ downtime while their dies are being refurbished.”

Temse Facility Includes Sophisticated New Systems and Expert Staff

Shortly before being acquired by Nordson, Verbruggen had made a multi-million dollar investment in advanced equipment at Temse. These were additions to a plant that was already extensively equipped with sophisticated production systems. The staff at Temse includes skilled technicians and an engineering team equipped with manifold flow simulation software and other design capabilities.

While there is some overlap between the Nordson EDI product range and dies originally developed by Verbruggen, both ranges also include die designs with unique capabilities. “Ultimately we expect to offer customers a broader selection of die systems than has been available from either Nordson EDI or Verbruggen,” said Scott G. Smith, director of global operations. “As for die rework, our Temse facility is equipped with the largest and most sophisticated remanufacturing capability thus far available in Europe.”


Headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A., Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (Nordson EDI) is a leading international supplier of flat dies, feedblocks, and related equipment for film, sheet, extrusion coating, fluid coating, and pelletizing. The company operates plants in the U.S.A, Belgium, China, and Japan, including capabilities in all four countries for remanufacturing its own dies and those built by other suppliers. Visit E-mail: Nordson EDI is part of the Nordson Corporation group of companies. Visit Nordson on the web at